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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

Project: Potemkin is please to announce that it will be hosting the Project: Potemkin Film Expo on May 22nd 2012 at the Darton College Theater in Albany, Georgia, from 7:30pm until 10:00pm. Admission is free to everyone.

The following episode and vignettes will be shown:

"The Old Guys" featuring Randall Landers, William Walker, Ricky Thompson, Junius Stone, Stephanie Burke, Eric R. Moore, Bethany Carver. This vignette was directed by J.T. Ealum, with Jeffrey Green acting as the director of photography and cameraman. This film was a proof of concept film developed to see if we could indeed pull off a production filmed on a carport.

"Care for a Lift?" featuring Randall Landers, Ricky Thompson and William Walker. This vignette, directed by Ricky Thompson, was intended to be a test of our second camera and our two-dimensional turbolift set.

Our first full-length episode, "The Void," stars Jeffrey Green, Blaire Erskine, Eric R. Moore, Stephanie Burke, Doug Harper, Bethany Carver, Chris Coleman, Mario Pagan, Trey Cole and Rodriguez Graper. Written by Randall Landers and directed by J.T. Ealum, this is a science-fiction episode in the proud tradition of the original Star Trek series.

"Doctor's Orders," featuring Renda Carr, Doug Harper, Stephanie Burke, with Jeremy Landers and Randall Landers, was directed by Tim Carr and written by David Eversole. This amusing vignette prompted a firestorm of controversy and resulted in divided opinions among its viewers, but we have no regrets. It remains a very popular vignette.

"Delivery," written by David Eversole, stars Jeffrey Green and Stephanie Burke. It was directed by Randall Landers. This vignette has been critically acclaimed as one of our better productions.

And lastly, though not guaranteed, we hope to debut "Miscommunication," which features Stephanie Burke, Richard Thornton, Hannah Ruiz and Thomas Walker. Directed by William Walker and written by David Eversole, this is a wonderful vignette, a tale of first contact between unique aliens and our heroes.

There will be a brief introduction of the series at 8:00pm, and the screenings will start at immediately afterwards and should end around 9:15pm. Following the screenings, audience members will be able to meet the cast and crew of Project: Potemkin in the lobby until 10:00pm.

We hope to see you there!
Potemkin Pictures
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