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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

Star Trek has had dark episodes all along. Here are some episodes leaning towards the dark side:
  1. The Man Trap
  2. Charlie X
  3. Where No Man Has Gone Before
  4. Dagger Of The Mind
  5. The Conscience Of The King
  6. Balance Of Terror
  7. A Private Little War
  8. The Paradise Syndrome
  9. And The Children Shall Lead
  10. Whom Gods Destroy
  11. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
  12. The Mark Of Gideon
  13. All Our Yesterdays
There are some others that arguably could be included. Perhaps not all of these are uniformly dark; there's a lot of silliness in some of them. There's a minority of the episodes represented here, about 1 in 6, but it's certainly not a tiny minority.
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