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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Eye of the Needle

They find a wormhole that is not much larger than their probe. They certainly cannot bring the ship through, but maybe a message. The wormhole is in a state of decay. There is somebody on the other side of the wormhole. B’Elanna concludes that the probe will be crushed in 72 hours. They are able to get a message to the Alpha Quadrant: A Romulan captain of a science vessel makes contact with them and then hangs up on them; so to speak…He finally talks to them again. Janeway sweet talks the Romulan into persuading his government to send the ship’s crew personal messages to their families. B’Elanna thinks she can use the visual link-probe to match the transponder frequency to beam the crew through the wormhole (this is why B’Elanna is chief engineer)… When the Romulan captain was transported over I kind of hoped he would get stuck! I haven’t seen much of the Romulans yet. It’s too bad that he is from twenty years in the past. Of course Kim wants to transport back to be two again; he loves to cry about everything! Janeway asks the Romulan not to talk about the experience with anyone because it may disrupt the space time continuum, but he already stated that he talked to his government about them, and they gave him a data chip from twenty years in the future.

A new cast member at the Doctor’s office... who cares about the crew member; we want to know how Kes is performing as a nurse! The ignorant crew member will only talk to Kes, not the Doctor, even when directing a question to the Doctor; digital prejudice similar to what Data faced. I like Kes’ outfits, and her attitude. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind! She complains because the Doctor is not treated well. We see the Data argument here: Kes argues that he is alive, self-aware, communicative, and able to learn so he deserves rights too. She argues that he should not be re-programmed because it would be like terminating his life. Janeway responds to Kes’ plea and visits the Doctor. His chief complaint is that people do not turn him off properly or they turn him off without asking. Janeway suggests that they program it so he has control of himself.

We are slowly being introduced to character’s back-stories. B’Elanna has a dead-beat Dad and she doesn’t get along with her mom. Kim talks to his parents every week, I would make fun of him for whining here, but I talk to my parents on a weekly basis still…
Janeway’s PJ’s are so much nicer than Picard ever had! Why does she get silk/satin and Picard gets a miss-fitted cloth grey robe?

Least favorite part: That I started to write that my favorite part was that their messages were sent home; only to find out that they probably didn’t because the Romulan died four years before they were lost in the Delta Quadrant.

Favorite part: The Doctor puts fear into the crew member who ignored him earlier, and he starts to think of himself as a member of the crew. He even asks Kes for a name…I can’t wait!!!! However, from what I hear I may have to...
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