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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Turning them in for dilithium is pretty lucrative. It's probably one of the easiest way to earn dilithium.
The mission reward plus the turned in salvage will let you easily get to the daily limit in a little over an hour.
Do the other dailys and doff stuff and you are set for the rest of the week. Frees you up for mission replays, foundry, dabo, Fleetactions, just hanging around somewhere with friends. Enjoyed that all week.

I've been running my 150th STF and by now I know the tactics inside and out. Nothing there is impossible, from Cure Space to beating Armek (can be incredibly easy btw) to beating the optional on Infected Ground.
The last one is not easy. It requires a smooth running team and not a single mistake.
You must balance it perfectly between pressing forward relentlessly without starting to panic because time is running short.
Knowing the lines you can not cross because it would trigger the next assimilation is essential.
Tacs and Engineers have the best DPS, Scis can heal what damage the rest of the team receives.
Now you don't need MACO gear to succeed.
Just get plasma resistant armor and shields, grab an Antiproton Sniper and Pulsewave Rifle and switch them depending on situation.
Snipe ALL the mobs from before the trigger lines. You don't have to know exactly where they are. Rule of thumb, when you have a sniper lock you are far enough, don't worry, the Borg will come you.
Tacs, use all the buffs you have, engineers, spam turrets and drone, even scis can help with debuffing, stripping shields and dumping a firebarrier on top of them.
Most runs you make sure there is no more resistance before you charge in to rescue the crewmen, but that usually leads to missing the deadline by at least 2-3 minutes.
Go in and split up
Make sure everyone knows his role.
2 people kill the assimilation workers, the rest distracts any drones left. This will be be fought point blank range, use the pulsewave shotguns for maximum damage.
If you put constant pressure on the Borg and have killed Captain Ogden by the 10 minute mark you can make it.
But don't lose your head here. From the room before Ogden on you have to save 2 crewmen at the same time. Make again sure everyone knows what his job is.
It may take a few tries to get it right, but eventually you will.

As for beating Armek... Until that one gets changed again the shotgun method is a surefire way to beat him.
Before Armek gets active everyone get his shotgun ready, hug him from behind and as soon as he becomes targetable basically blow his assimilated head of. He might get a shot off or two, but if you time it right he won't live for 5 seconds taking that kind of damage.
Pop a hypo in the brief period when is unvulnerable but doesn't fire, or if you didn't take damage before, use a powercell for more dps.
Spoiler me one more time! I dare ya! I double dare ya!
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