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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Chakotay did say that he needed the medicine bundle to help her find her animal guide.
Yes he did , didn't he.

CHAKOTAY: My medicine bundle. I've never showed it to anyone before. After what you said this morning, I thought it was important to let you see.
JANEWAY: Will it help me find my animal guide?
CHAKOTAY: Eventually you'll have to assemble your own medicine bundle, but this will allow me to assist you in your quest for a guide.
JANEWAY: Now? Now.
(Chakotay goes up the step to the informal area by the window, puts his bundle on the low table and sits on the floor. It takes a moment for Janeway to take the hint and join him.)
CHAKOTAY: A blackbird's wing. A stone from the river. An akoonah.
JANEWAY: Akoonah?
CHAKOTAY: My ancestors used psychoactive herbs to assist their vision quests. Now they're no longer necessary. Our scientists have found more modern ways to facilitate the search for animal guides. Place your hand on it and concentrate on the stone...

I think when Janeway told Chakotay that she was worried aobut the crew, and how she wished there was a counselor on board to help them deal with their situation ...

(Yes, we are 70,000 light years from home, and if BY CHANCE you actually survive the trip, most of your family and friends will either be dead or moved on by the time we get home!)

... he rightly realized that Janeway herself was in need of a counselor. Think about it, despite of what Picard and Riker shared as Captain & XO on the Enterprise, it was nothing compared to what Riker and Troi shared.

PICARD: I, er, I don't know where to begin. It was ...
TROI: I read your report.
PICARD: What I didn't put in the report was that at the end he gave me a choice between a life of comfort or more torture. All I had to do was to say that I could see five lights, when in fact, there were only four.
TROI: You didn't say it?
PICARD: No, no, but I was going to. I would have told him anything. Anything at all. But more than that, I believed that I could see five lights.

SO Chakotay realized he couldn't just wait to give Janeway his usual tutorial on finding your spirit guide and devising your own medicine bundle. He realized he needed to lend her his bundle and send her quickly on her journey.

As always...

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