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Re: DTI: Forgotten History by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I'll join the chorus and state that Forgotten History is among the Trek books I'm most anticipating this year. I am also very excited about the time frame selected for this novel as well. Christopher has stated he'd like to maybe move on to something else after this one but I still uphold my suggestion from the Watching the Clock thread that I would seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE an Uptime book starring Jenna Noi. As much as I liked Garica and the other characters, and obviously our two stars, I fell in love with Jenna Noi as a character. One of the best characters I think Chris has handled as a writer. So fascinating and I loved her banter with the DTI gang. So yeah I know I'll be holding out for the possibility of an Uptime book still
Oh yeah, I'll second this one.

It would be neat and quite difficult I'd imagine to do a Trek book from the Uptime perspective. but I'd love it.
Me too.
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