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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Of course, the only way to get the optional on half of them is to max out DPS, usually at the expense of survivability. Now they wanna punish you for making that choice?

Eventually they'll all end up like Infected Ground Elite, where there's no sense even bothering on the optional unless you've got a squad special-built and practiced at just running that. Technically not impossible, but I've never even seen it CLOSE to being done.

Would much rather they work on making a NEW set of STFs than just tweaking these to death. NO SHIT people have found all the ways to exploit these; they haven't had much else to do, and because of the insulting drop rate for tech, most people have run these missions hundreds of times. If you don't have it mastered by now, you're hopeless! The answer shouldn't be to reduce the timer, force more objectives, and strengthen the enemies again, though. Make new STFs!

Pretty much all I do is cycle the DOFF missions and run a few STFs when I log in. The distant hope of completing a MK XII set keeps me poking at it, but beyond bored at the repetitiveness of these missions. ISE is the only one I've got a Mk XII tech on, and I have both. Thankfully, don't have to play that one again. The rest, though, I just mindlessly grind.

Not sure why it's even worth bitching about the optionals, though. The drop is usually insulting at best, and even the Rare Salvage is essentially worthless once you're played enough STFs and have a stockpile of Prototype Salvages. Those were useful until you finished spec'ing out a ship in all Mk XII DHCs and Quantums, but once you've filled your Escort with them, and made a beam boat that you'll never fly anyway, what's left? I've got like an extra 20 of them sitting in the bank. The RBS I've probably got 40 or so, and can't even think of anything worth doing with them. Turn in for Dilithium, I guess...
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