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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

My verdict on Janeway is in after watching:

The Cloud

Janeway is beginning to realize that if the crew is stuck together for up to 74 years (a lifetime for the majority of the crew) and that the standard captain/crew relationship may not work. Personally, I look at it as more of a mayor/city relationship because of their situation. A mayor needs to have a strong foundation for a city, but also be more personable, getting to know his/her people. I like it that Janeway realizes that her role needs to change in order to fit with their current needs.

Wow, for the first time I actually like something that came out of Harry Kim’s mouth when he told Paris that they should have invited the Captain to sit with them, and explained to Paris that there isn’t anybody else for her to talk to besides them and that Paris was working by an old rule book. I am assuming that this episode is setting up the explanation/storyline on why there will be a less formal relationship with the Captain/crew. Sigh…my momentary delusion that Kim might be a decent fellow was shortly crushed when he told Paris that he remembers being in his mother’s womb... Why does Paris keep trying to make friends with Kim? He is too much of a namby-pamby. If he drinks late at night he gets heartburn…wimp.

We see more of Chakotay’s story beginning in this episode. I found his history interesting so I decided to look him up, but according to a few different sites his storyline is not accurate. Check out this article I found: Wait a minute, Chakotay tells Janeway he has never shown anyone his medicine bundle and that it will help her find an animal guide, but when B’Elanna walks in he makes the comment that she tried to kill her animal guide. So obviously, he has shown it to B’Elanna.

Finally, we see the holodeck! Paris’ holodeck is full with a gigolos and women of the night! While I am excited to see a holodeck scene, I thought they were having an energy shortage.

Neelix really is a great character, or should I say Morale Officer. When in a free-fall…cook or sing! Even if he can’t cook, it was great watching him scold Janeway and trying to convince her to drink the coffee substitute. “There’s coffee in that Nebula.” While on the topic of Neelix’s cooking I am reading the Star Trek Cookbook; has anyone tried any of these recipes yet? The Talaxian Mushroom Soup sounds delicious!

Favorite part: My Janeway verdict: Badass…a captain who can hustle at pool…awesome! She even hits the eight ball in while glaring at Paris; not looking at the table! Janeway with a raised eyebrow: “Solids”. Oh, and to further her badassness in this scene she is graciously hit on by the Gigolo who wants to make passionate love to her! B’Elanna was not so lucky. She gets hit on by the older hustler in a trench coat with the pickup line: “Treat a lady like a tramp and a tramp like a lady; never fails.” (Needless to say, Janeway is still no match for Picard!)

Least favorite part: I don’t like the title. Considering the Nebula Creature is a living being I don’t think it would like being named after water vapor, or having torpedoes shot into its organs; or equivalent thereof…

I’m adding a second reoccuring least favorite part even though I really enjoyed this episode: Seatbelts, retractable straps, and a higher guard along the second deck of engineering so people don’t haphazardly fall everywhere when there is turbulence or a full free-fall.
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