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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

I could see a new Star Trek series being successful on cable without being as dark as BSG. Just return to the TOS roots, and have a mix of episodes with the crew playing space cop (or maybe space sheriff on the frontier is a better analogy), space soldier (keeping the bad aliens at bay), space diplomat (helping the Federation with its difficulties, sussing out new potential members) plus the personal stories and Threat of the Week. Star Trek has pretty much forgotten the space sheriff type of story since TOS, and I'd like to see them return it to the mix.

The show would need to be more complex and grownup in storylines, characterization and themes, but that doesn't necessarily mean dark. Optimism is one of the salient features of Star Trek. They just need to avoid anything that smacks of being juvenile or simplistic (such as the sniggering approach to sexuality that VOY and ENT sometimes inflicted on us.)

What it can't afford to be is Terra Nova. That's a great counter-example for Star Trek - an expensive, SFX-heavy show on broadcast that is too simplistic and not targetted enough at grownup viewers. Falling Skies would be a good tone to try for (with better writing of course.)

I don't think it's necessary to come up with a premise for the series that's anything other than "Starfleet crew, doing its job." There could be a lot of elements, Section 31, the Mirror Universe, etc - but it would be too limiting to force the show to be only about that. Bring in the full range of everything Star Trek has to offer, and utilize it for intelligent, grownup drama that isn't too dark and depressing.
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