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Re: HBO's Game Change

I liked the movie, haven't read the book. With the events still relatively fresh in my mind, the material in the show seemed a little "stagey;" a more documentary style and naturalistic dialogue may have worked better for me.

I agree that Palin is treated more sympathetically than I would have guessed from the pre-airing denouncements, but she still comes off pretty bad. You'd think that someone the lest bit reflective or self-aware would realize that she was out of her depth and needed to cooperate with the campaign and help them help her. Instead she went into some weird kind of passive-aggressive resistance. Naivete and arrogance is a bad combination.

I had vaguely heard about Palin wanting to deliver her own concession speech. If it really went down like it was shown in the movie, the obliviousness is stunning.

I also thought McCain was presented in a very favorable light, perhaps due to Steve Schmidt and Nichole Wallace's involvement as sources. I'd like to think that's how he really was, with some of his old "maverick," McCain-Feingold persona showing through the strong partisan facade he had to adopt in the campaign.

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