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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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The man who gave Vanko his tickets to Monaco was an agent of 10 Rings.
Which, if you exclude the cast list in the credits, isn't explained in the film at all.
Which was an error imo as well.
When the agent hands Vanko the tickets a simple one sentence line such as "The 10 Rings is pleased to help you in this matter vs Tony Stark.", that would've been a golden easter egg and connection to first film established.
According to this article, the man has a faint tattoo of the Ten Rings symbol on his neck. Unfortunately, I'm on my work computer, so while I can get the text of the article, I can't see any of the pics provided. Therefore, I can't confirm if they provide any photgraphic evidence. Someone else wanna check?
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