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Re: HBO's Game Change

Despite the real hatred some have displayed over this movie and the characterization (go on.. check IMDBs message board for it ) of Palin i think it was a well balanced movie and if true what Schmidt claims confirms everything i suspected about Palin.

She, like Bush jr., were just people who were out of their depths for the position they were intended to take. Palin always struck me as the typical soccer mom cliché.. sometimes not too bright but the heart of the family and the glue that keeps it all together.

She was overwhelmed by the demands of a national political campaign and when pressure increased she cracked and lost it.. it could have been prevented by a proper vetting procedure but this was also the failure of McCain's team by not doing their job properly because they basically wanted a nice looking figurehead to help push McCain but it turned out she was not fit for the job as soon as their opponents started zeroing in on her.

So for all intents and purposes i think it was a fair and balanced movie with a brilliant job by Moore.
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