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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I am a huge Halo fan and for a long time, I was looking for the McFarlane edition of the Warthog. The details are stunning. One of my warthogs is missing because it's twice as big as the McFarlane one and couldn't fit in the display.

On the following picture, the 12 inches Master Chief is missing. Somebody stole the MA5B assault rifle so I had to make one with Fimo Clay. I'll take a picture later.
In the background you have the Noble Team figures (sold with Halo: Reach Legendary Edition) and in the foreground you can see the 6 inches Master Chief, a few Spartans and an Elite from The Halo Wars toys and a Spartan wearing the Hayabusa Gear.

Next: Kaneda, his bike and Tetsuo, all from McFarlane Toys.

and a general view from my second display. A Spartan Mk V holding a rocket launcher can be spotted in front of the Sovereign class Enterprise:

Let There Be Rock!

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