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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

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i was just giving examples of conflicted characters on a starship. i was not trying to sell anything. We don't need to follow all my examples and put them on one ship in space.
Here are just some random ideas for 'conflicted' characters:

The Trill Captain is a woman who lived through eight months in a Cardassian POW camp during the war. She saw a lot of her crew killed in front of her, was constantly tortured and abused by the Cardassian warden until breaking point. Though receiving counselling, there are some things she just won't talk about.

The Human XO who was advanced rapidly up the ranks (some believe too quickly), he now finds himself in his first Command position and must now discover what he's truely made of.

A Romulan Science Officer, after being abandoned by her people she turned to the UFP and has faced suspicion and discrimination since her first days at the Academy.

A temporally displaced human man from the 22nd century serves as Chief Engineer. Lost in time in the midst of the war, he is still playing catch up but wants to make himself useful--so he can't dwell on all that he has lost to the past.

The ship's Andorian Counsellor must help the crew overcome their own trauma and pain from the war, whilst also coming to terms with the loss of his bondmates and offspring.

Conflicted doesn't have to mean issues between different characters, it can also be an individuals own personal journey that the audience gets emotionally invested in.
Yeah, I like those ideas.
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