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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

The new STF timer is the Kahless' bollocks! It brings nothing to the game other then more frustration.

PUGss are rendered useless, and then there are the many bugs that still plague the game, like the invisible torps, and shots that deal 300K damage.

In my Klingon toon, I run with a all tactical crew that flies only BoPs, as it is our favorite ship in the game. We do speed runs on elite, and never take more then 8 minutes to complete any of the space STFs, with optionals. The consequence of that is we die, a lot, four, five times per match.

With the new rules, now we must look for other ships, as we can't tank in a BoP, and not loose DPS in return, which would make our runs longer - and less fun for us.

People like me and my crew will now have to change ships, to ones we don't like to play with, just because of a change that no one asked for - and that was made because Cryptic spends their time doing lock-box events and not new STF missions.
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