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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Neither do I but I don't spew hate filled vitriol about him either as you've done on other sites. I know you don't like acknowledging that others have opinions Bear, but we do. So play nice; this isn't the Red Carpet Forum.
I have no problem with other people's opinions. I have a problem with people who continually defend liars and cheats, and then stamp on people who tell the truth.

Go back to Red Carpet, or should I call it the Shamasters Forum MkII, run by that two faced little Oirish puppet who's got Joiner's hand stuck up his backside. You do know that Joiner's on the phone to him every 5 minutes to get anything he doesn't like removed? And you think you have freedom of speech on there.

Jog on.
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