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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Why would CBS not care? It's their reputation on the line, if they get involved in something that turns out to be a scam, not to mention that if it's widely known that CBS sanctioned a sham event, people are less likely to attend other events they're involved in, so they get less money.

In any case - Excel don't have data on events past September on their website but you could always try emailing them to get confirmation it's actually there. These centres all love promoting their events!
It won't be a scam. It's just that Shamasters have a history of pissing on anyone who tries to work with them. I suggest you email the organisers of Fedcon in Germany about their experiences of working with Jason Joiner. Fedcon went public with what had happened and made Joiner look very poor indeed. You won't get any response from him if you ask him. It's not something he or Shamasters like to be reminded about. He also dumped on Universal (yes, that big Hollywood film company) and made up a load of rubbish to try and make them look bad over some sort of Serenity trailer screening at LFCC that he'd been trumpeting and of course never happened.

My worry is that Joiner will bale out of ST London about August because he doesn't like being told what to do, leaving Media 10 in the lurch. Hundreds of tickets sold, no show organisation etc etc.
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