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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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All 5 Trek Captains have appeared at Showmasters events in the past, as have many other Trek guests so I guess they know what they're getting into. I was speaking to Patrick Stewart's agent after one such show and he said Patrick enjoyed his day. I have attended many SM events over the years and while I have encountered a couple of staff members and crew who could be taught how to deal politely with the public, many others have be nice and helpful. While those on here speaking negatively about them may be doing so out of their own bad experiences, I've always had a good time at their shows and have met many stars because of them from Bill, Patrick, Avery and the rest to the likes of John Hurt, Burt Reynolds, Nathan Fillion and Elijah Wood. I just feel it's always good to have a few different view points to consider.

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