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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

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Trek doesn't need to be darker. If anything, it needs to be more fun these days. Darker themes can be explored in various stories, but it need not be a new premise or basis.
i don't think a light themed star trek series will sell in our current times.
On the contrary, I think we need a lighter Trek series now more than ever. Or at the very least, one that doesn't make us so depressed we want to slit our wrists.
Since you want a more fun star trek, what do you suggest then a "Gilmore Girls" in space ? or perhaps a "Friends" on a space station where they all sit around and have klingon coffee in a bar called "Space Perk"
I prefer Star Trek, not whatever you're proposing.
i don't think a light themed sci fi show will sell. We need a darker themed sci fi show where there is conflict among the crew like when crewman A slept with crewman B's wife. or crewman C is a druggie or crewman D killed a man and is haunted by his past. We need a conflicted Captain who perhaps left his wife because she slept around alot. A first Offiicer who is secretly a section 31 agent and is tasked to do dubious things for that group.
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