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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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If you go on the Shamasters forum, half the questions are being answered with "don't know", and if you say it's too expensive or mention Warp 10, your posts get deleted.
since I am relatively new , what is this warp 10 you refer to ?
It was a weekend Star Trek event run (I say run it's loosest form as the event never happened) by Shamasters. It was first advertised in April 2010 to be held in Sept 2010. Diana Muldaur and Jennifer Lien were immediately announced. Between then and early August when the event was cancelled, no further guests were announced, and no further information was given by Shamasters to the people who'd bought tickets, nor were their questions on the Shamasters forum replied to. Shamasters essentially shut up shop for 5 months. When the event was cancelled, what I can only call a torrent of bullshit was fed to ticket holders about why the event was cancelled. Read it. It's classic.

Anyway, the event was moved forward to Sept 2011, and the emotional thumbscrews were put on anyone who wanted a ticket refund. Read in to that what you like. Despite only having sold a handful of tickets, it's widely thought Joiner didn't have the money to give back as he'd used it on his signing events or on paying off his rather large debts. Shamasters is 100K in debt according to its 2011 accounts.

For nearly the following year, no more guest announcements other than Eddie Paskey, and no response to pages of questions and plaintive requests from ticket holders for information on the event. Then I think it was June last year, the plug was pulled on it again. It took so long for Joiner to announce that it was cancelled for a second time, Eddie Paskey was actually having to tell people. It was rumoured that Joiner had been overheard telling people at Klepto a few weeks before that Warp 10 had been cancelled again, but that he wouldn't say so officially because he didn't have any money for refunds until after he'd run LFCC.

Welcome to the world of Shamasters. There but for the grace of God, go I.
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