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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

Jim Gamma wrote: View Post
Has anyone tried writing to CBS advising them about Showmasters and their history, and requesting assurance that this isn't a scam on Showmasters' part? I doubt CBS would want to be involved with it if SMs' history is really this patchy, it would really damage them!
Despite the fact that I doubt CBS would care, I'll say this. On the assumption that Creation were asked but declined to organise this event due to it's obvious unprofitability, CBS were left in a difficult position. For whatever reasons, desperate to run this event, they probably didn't want to use Shamasters for obvious reasons, so found Media 10, a company with no sci-fi convention experience. Media 10 have said "Ooooh ooooh! CBS want to give us tonnes of money for running an event we have no idea about! We'll take it! "

As irony would have it, Media 10 have now passed the whole organisation of the event to Shamasters! Now, what exact responsibility Shamasters have for this event is up for debate. The actual show administration seems to have been given to them, but I don't know about the guests. Joiner is well known for repeatedly lying about his guest announcements, but I doubt unless Media 10 and CBS had got the 5 Captains nailed down contracturally, that today's email would've gone out.

Somewhere there's a massive leak of information between Media 10 and Shamasters. I heard about the 5 Captains appearing at this event about 2 months ago.
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