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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Oh dear this is disappointing. It looks like the event is being run by showmasters. After encountering a very rude steward at kleptomania a couple of years back i swore i would never attend another one of there events again. That wasnt the first time either!
You probably came across the fat, sweaty, foul mouthed, lying idiot who ran it. Everyone at Shamasters is rotten and unpleasant to the core, I'm afraid. And that goes for many of the people who crew its events.
Actually it was a young girl. She spouted a lot of what sounded like jealous crap to me. I was in starfleet uniform and talked to the two klingons quite a bit. (Martok and Gowron!) She was very rude to me. I would have had a go at her but i wasnt sure if the two klingons would be able to hear me. So i just looked down at her and walked off.
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