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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

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Apparently, Star Trek and other sci-fi shows appealed to a wide range of people, not just one specific group.
Not all hippies were peaceful either. Still, you can't let the actions of a few cause the condemnation of an entire group.
Charles Manson was crazy and a bad example to everyone.
We seem to be going off topic here but i do believe a darker themed Star Trek series will work with today's audience.
Trek doesn't need to be darker. If anything, it needs to be more fun these days. Darker themes can be explored in various stories, but it need not be a new premise or basis.
i don't think a light themed star trek series will sell in our current times. i loved VOY and VOY is still my favourite star trek series ever. but i don't think it could have been made nowdays. But if a light themed star trek series works, excellent then !

Since you want a more fun star trek, what do you suggest then a "Gilmore Girls" in space ? or perhaps a "Friends" on a space station where they all sit around and have klingon coffee in a bar called "Space Perk"
Supreme Leader Snoke is Jar Jar Binks
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