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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

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Who were largely protesting the dark way society seemed to be heading at the time with their peace and love thing.

Today we call them the Occupy Movement.
Well who watched sci fi shows in 1960s it was the baby boomers who also protested in the 1960s. i don't think that the previous GI generation watched star trek at the same level as the baby boomers
Apparently, Star Trek and other sci-fi shows appealed to a wide range of people, not just one specific group.
The Occupy Movement is much more darker than the hippies if you ask me. Some of the Occupy movement members have resorted to violence. Hippies were not violent.
Not all hippies were peaceful either. Still, you can't let the actions of a few cause the condemnation of an entire group.
Charles Manson was not hippie even though he looked like one. He adopted the hippie look to get impressionable teens to join his cult and he was a racist and hippies are not racist.
Charles Manson was crazy and a bad example to everyone.
We seem to be going off topic here but i do believe a darker themed Star Trek series will work with today's audience.
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