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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

MacLeod wrote: View Post
^You just said it was the lowest that gave you confirmed access, i.e there could be a lower ticket that doesn't give you confirmed access. It might not be on sale now, they probable want to sell the top tickets first.
As I understand it, there isn't.

Cheapest day admittance is 29 I think. Gets you nothing by the look of it. Everything is extra once you're in there.

Individual auto tickets may well be in existence at some point, although the obvious question is why aren't they on sale now? If you go on the Shamasters forum, half the questions are being answered with "don't know", and if you say it's too expensive or mention Warp 10, your posts get deleted. Shamasters have had loads of new forum signups today because the forum link on the official Star Trek London site leads straight to them. With all the posts which are being deleted, Joiner's already making Media 10 and CBS look pretty piss poor.

This whole thing already looks like a disorganised piss up.
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