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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

My buddy at the toy shop comes through yet again...the very first 2011 Luke Skywalker(Jedi Knight) VC23 cardfront that was quickly changed to a new, more appropriate photograph and the as-yet-officially-unreleased 2012 Dr. Evazan VC57.

The Luke figure and his accessories remained the same in both incarnations but the name was changed from "Jedi Knight Outfit" to "Endor Captive" because of the Imperial binders(handcuffs) as well as the fact that Luke's hand has already been damaged on the figure and he's donned the black protective glove. At the time Luke first entered Jabba's Palace to rescue Han and his other friends he wasn't wearing the glove and no Imperial handcuffs were ever put on him. The photograph was also changed to show Luke after he is captured on Endor and brought to his father.
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