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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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How are you arriving at the 900 figure? What's to stop people from purchasing a regular entrance ticket for 30 and buying 5 tickets for the captain's autographs (probably 30-40 each) ?
900 is the lowest priced entrance ticket that gives you confirmed access to the in person captain autographs. As yet there's no evidence that single autograph tickets will be available on the day. Of course Shamasters are intimating they will be, but then this company has said an awful lot of things over the years. If single auto tickets are available, you can only dream about getting Shatner and Stewart for 30-40 each at a CBS officially sanctioned event. In 2003 at London Creation, Shatner was 65. Stewart is I think around $80 at Creation events in the US which are CBS licenced.
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