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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Just to clarify, 900 is the lowest price ticket that will get you in person autographs from the 5 captains. I think the 299 tickets get you in to the 5 seperate captains talks.

Whole thing looks like a massive piss take. I hope it dies on its arse. UK fans don't deserve to be taken to the cleaners like this.

There's a line in the ticket T&C over at Shamasters that says "Should any individual captain be unable to attend the show a substitute talk/autograph will be provided."

So if one or more of the captains doesn't show up (quite likely), people who've spent 900 to get ALL 5 of their signatures in person, as no other lower priced ticket entitles the holder to this, won't get a refund. Just a 5 worth signature of some 1 episode C lister from Joiner's store cupboard.

I have a word for this event. It begins with S, has a C, an A, and an M in it.
How are you arriving at the 900 figure? What's to stop people from purchasing a regular entrance ticket for 30 and buying 5 tickets for the captain's autographs (probably 30-40 each) ?
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