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Re: Star Trek and Homosexuality

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Did it? What was the fuss/response?
Got blown into a bit of a media storm, as another poster said it was touched on slightly on the DVD.

It was actually one of the most open minded episodes trek did on the subject. It was never even mentioned they were both women, so it could be implied that all the characters had no issue with same sex relationships.

It really does surprise me people actually HATE so much, if two guys want to get together it doesn't do anyone any harm, live and let live. I'd have thought this was fairly fundamental to the Trek universe, at least in the TNG era.
Naw, the Trek fandom's got a lot of close minded folks, not just about sexuality, but on a whole range of subjects.
Fandom maybe - but the TNG era of the show is so self-consciously liberal at times I'm surprised it didn't pull something.

That said, Trek was not always so, anyone who has seen "Turnabout Intruder" knows how backward Trek at it's worst can be!
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