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Finished Prophecy and Change the other day. A little more mixed bag than I would have expected. There were really only two standout entries (Terri Osborne's and Heather Jarman's). I felt the majority of the pre-DW stories were wasted on explaining things that didn't need to be explained as opposed to being wholly original. (Chris's story was probably my third favorite overall because it avoided this.)
Thanks, but that's a surprising assessment, since the purpose of "...Loved I Not Honor More" was to explain why Grilka completely disappeared from the show after Quark successfully wooed her.

Really, that was kind of the whole mandate Marco gave us for Prophecy and Change -- to fill in the gaps in DS9's normally tight continuity, to explain the changes that happened offscreen or got glossed over (hence the title).

Still, it was a good read overall and very consistent with the Relaunch. "Skipping" Season 2, but having 3 stories set during Season 6 seemed odd, too.
That's just the way it broke down. There was no requirement for every season to be covered; writers pitched stories about events or gaps that interested them, and Marco picked the ones he thought would work best. Since events really picked up as the series went on, it's not surprising that there were more stories set in later seasons. (Actually there are only two stories set in season 6, one set between 6 & 7, and two in 7.)
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