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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished Prophecy and Change the other day. A little more mixed bag than I would have expected. There were really only two standout entries (Terri Osborne's and Heather Jarman's). I felt the majority of the pre-DW stories were wasted on explaining things that didn't need to be explained as opposed to being wholly original. (Chris's story was probably my third favorite overall because it avoided this.) Still, it was a good read overall and very consistent with the Relaunch. "Skipping" Season 2, but having 3 stories set during Season 6 seemed odd, too. Sadly, Andrew Robinson's story was hampered by his insistence on not retelling/expanding on the Dream Box. I felt I got as much as I could from the tale, but ultimately it would have been helped by a brief, straight forward summary of the play, rather than the messy, vague one we got.

Just got started on A Time to Be Born, which is pretty good so far. I'm already 1/3 through it. Much as I'm enjoying it, there are a few things that I find a little annoying. Picard's penchant in John Vornholt novels to be distracted by pretty women is beyond cliche and it'd be terribly embarrassing for a career officer to have this happen so often in a 3 year span (Gemworld, Genesis Wave). Secondly, I wish we could get away from the "All captains that aren't Kirk or Picard are terrible." angle. It went away during a lot of the TNG Movie-era novels I'd read. Admittedly, it could all be part of the story, but it got too be overbearing early on and the more chapters of someone with less seniority than Picard lording things over him just get a bit boring.
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