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Yeah, besides the odd conversation scene, I think being able to access your armour from the launch bay took away the only real reason to go to the captain's cabin at all. It would have been better if they kept your trophies/souvenirs from ME2 and continued to add to them. I mean where is the photo of your LI? Where is the crystal shard "Eve" gives you? I'm not saying it should have turned into a flee market but it would have been nice to acquire some more personal touches. They even took away the ability to review your achievements/medals for some odd reason.

And yeah, the stock music in the cabin is pretty shite.
Not to mention the priceless Prothean artefact I picked up after completing the god-awful Project Firewalker assignments from ME2. The Alliance stole it after grounding the Normandy, thieving bastards.

Btw for those who bought the Space Hamster, it's very much alive and kicking in ME3 and can be brought back to Shep's cabin if you know where to find it.
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