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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

There are some interesting ideas in the mix here. Though I do agree that the next series should deal with darker issues (and also include story arcs), some of these seem unlikely in a 24th century Trekverse.

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1) A starfleet captain is bought to trial after discovering that he had ordered ,rather relutantly , the torture of captured Cardassian officers, in order to gather infomation about enemy bases and fleet movements during the Dominion war. The starfleet captain did this in order to minimalize starfleet casualties.
Thanks to Janeway (and Mr Lessing) we know that some captain's will resort to extreme measures to get answers and safeguard their ship. If the Captain/officer in question was like Ben Maxwell and also had a deeply personal grudge against the Cardies, I could maybe see that working.

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2) A human scientist who performs lobotomy on aliens that he captures and kepts them as servants as he is prejudiced against non humans.
I would say that would probably fit in better with the ENT-era, thanks to the establishment of Terra Prime (maybe TOS, with a few die-hard nutters still on the go, I would find it hard to believe by TNG time).

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3) A starfleet ground combat unit that carrys out an unintended massacre of a ferengi colony near the ferengi/federation space. the ferengi are all killed down to the family memebers including women & children. Starfleet starts investigations & brings those involved to trial.
My first thought was why is there a GCU there in the first place? Aside from S1 of TNG (when the Ferengi were suppose to be the new Big Bad ) relations between the Ferengi and the UFP have never been overly hostile, so I don't see why Starfleet would need a combat team there. Now if it was post-DW at a Cardassian refugee camp, that i could buy.

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4) A entire race who are members of the federation starts to suffer a horrrbile genetic disease that proves incurable and causes their extinction. I nominate the denobulans as the soon to be extinct race as we see them in 22nd century (Enterprise Series) but not in the 23rd or 24th centuries which could mean that they are slowly dying off.
This is a bit of a direct rip off of the Markab, as well as ENT episode where they are contacted by a pre-warp species who were slowly dying off due to a genetic defect. I do like the idea of a people facing extinction, which is kinda covered with the Andorians in the DS9 relaunch books, which I would love to see in the next series.

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5) starfleet tolerating and even working with slave owning cultures along its border and federation citizens owning slaves and homes on those planets outside federation control.
The UFP has no control of species outside their territory, so other governments (even the Klingons) could have slaves and the Federation wouldn't be able to get involved (look at the Occupation of Bajor). I would find it doubtful they would have a trade agreement/alliance with a species that violated Federation rights (knowingly at least, slavery could be a very confidential issue that the aliens don't mention). As for UFP citizens (either current or former) owning slaves, that would depend on the individual who was living on that world, their own conscience and morals.

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6) Starfleet encounters a race where there are actually three genders but but the third gender is often killed as soon as they are born as they don't seem to have any use. That race like most races require only two genders to procreate but in their distant past, they needed 3 genders in order to procreate but they evolved from that to now only needing 2 genders. Because of that they kill the third gender because they have no use for that gender anymore.
This is really quite interesting. Though I would need to ask when/how the 3rd gender was killed? Would it be whilst still in the womb or after they were born? Then there is the option of some parents choosing to keep their children, so a small underground has been established for the 3rd gender.

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7) A gay klingon, i want to see how how klingons deal with the issue of homosexuality. Who knows, may be they are more tolerant than we early 21st century humans are.
Hidden Frontier featured a gay Klingon, and he seemed no different to any other and faced no prejudice. I think it had to do with he had no family to share his honour with, or something like that (its been a while since I watched the episode). He and his partner had to go through a ritual ceremony (no surprise there), which bonded them together (like a married couple). Whatever happens in the next series, a gay character must be included (but that's a topic for another thread).

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8) zombies in space. We could have an episode where a starfleet medical ship picks up hundreds of sickly patients from a colony who slowly die and then reanimate as walking zombies. The starfleet ship becomes infested and the survivors fight back. We could have a "the walking dead" type of situation onboard the ship as the survivors await for rescue.
I love zombies too! When I commanded a PBeM Sim back at uni, I had an episode where we were fighting zombies onboard an Ambassador-Class ship. It's a topic that I plan on revisiting again in my fanfic (soon-ish).

But those are just some of my thoughts and ideas.
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