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Re: All about T'Pol

T'Pol's catsuit was, aesthetically, quite nice to look at. (Can you tell I like understatement?)

But, despite this, I would've preferred her in a standard uniform. Likewise for Troi (in particular) and Seven of Nine. The latter had the excuse of post-operative healing, but the former just looked strange. Troi was always much more striking in a standard TNG uniform.

Moving right along...

I like T'Pol as a character, and thought Blalock did a good job with some horrible lines. To my mind, she used mannerism and gesture well to convey her emotional struggles.

Yes, she was standard Trek T & A - the television business hasn't changed in this regard since the 'sixties. But, like Jeri Ryan, she also acted well, and - when the script allowed - was quite moving.
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