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Terminator: Reboot

The 80's are making a very big comeback in the second decade of the new millenium. We are either getting sequels to 80's hits and flops (Predators, Tron Legacy) or we are getting drastic modernised reboots (Robocop, Short Circuit). We all know its just a matter of time before some big studio head gets the bright idea of doing a reboot of one of scifi's most beloved franchise: the Terminator universe. Granted the last two movies were.. subpar.. at best, but that doesn't stop us fans from wanting more. The Terminator and T2:JD will always be two of my favorite movies of all time. Rebooting them is, obviously, pointless. However, if it is rebooted, how/what would you like to see?

For starters, lets be hypothetical and think the movie would go into pre-production this year. So shooting is next year (2013) for a 2014 release. How would you develop the story, what themes would it have, and who shall be the cast?

Here's my idea:

Jennifer Lawrence as Sarah Connor
Ryan Gosling as Kyle Reese
Patrick Schwarzennegger as The Terminator.

The year 2050. The machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire. Two decades have passed since Judgement Day. Skynet, a self-aware militaristic program had gone rogue, deducing humanity as its number one existential threat, so it takes control of all modern UAV's, UGV's and UMV's, plus 'early models' of humanoid androids that are precursors to the terminators in the future. However, even after reducing the human population to a mere 800 million or so, it seems Skynet cannot beat humans no matter what. It actually begins to lose the war. Defenses are down, humans taking control of many of Skynet's outposts, military and research alike. The final blow comes when its main defense grid is smashed and humans will take control of its main headquarters within a matter of days. Desperate, it strikes one final blow to the Resistance, but the resistance still comes out on top. All because of one man: John Connor. We all know what's Skynet's last ditch effort.

Obviously the tropes that worked in 1984 isn't gonna work today. For starters, viral videos uploaded from everyone's Android (ha!) and iPhones takes minutes to gain momentum. The advent of Facebook will also make it highly easy for a futuristic robot to just hack and find Sarah Connor's face, identity, work, etc. However, the Terminator does not know which Sarah Connor it is, so it has to hunt down every Sarah Connor who is of birthing age (13-50) in the Los Angeles area. It should also be very discreet in taking out its intended targets.

The Terminator itself is a wartime robot, bleeding edge of its class. The T-800 comes with human/organic vaporizer that it can use once every 30 minutes to completely disintigrate a human body. It can change its height within a 5" range, rearrange its facial structures, eye/hair color and voice to remain undetected and/or grossly unidentifiable. It can also mimic human emotions and behavior very well. Think scratching its eyes or smiling flirtily. For a robot, its not robotic at all. That makes it even more dangerous and very, very hard to convince others it is a killer machine. The only way to detect a Terminator: dogs. Dogs start to bark and howl wildly without reason when a Terminator comes near them.

The Terminator shouldn't also look like a bodybuilder with a bad Austrian accent. Its an infiltration robot in a dystopian future where food is scarce and every breath you take could be detected by an HK nearby. Nobody would have time to be in the gym 6 hours a day with a specialized diet to get Mr. Universe muscles. Any human or soldier with half a brain would be able to easily realize something's not right if a bodybuilder comes up to them with no emotions and ask for help.

So what are your thoughts as to how the Terminator franchise should be rebooted, or even if it should be rebooted? Please provide your ideas or general discussion about it.
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