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Re: All about T'Pol

Twenty posts of caterwauling about costumes? Seriously?

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In a nutshell:

Trek is a TV show
TV shows are produced to lure viewers to them
The plot and cast are designed to appeal to a certain demographic
That's all they are. Playful visuals to fill the time between commercials
Trek is not Luis Bunuel's That obscure object of desire

These are TV shows. TV is a business, and this wouldn't be the first time continuity and logic (pun intended) were sacrificed in an attempt to raise ratings. Or at least attract attention. Look, it worked!

Back to your corners, all of you. You've each scored on points, so I'll call it a draw. The match is now over.

Now kindly steer the poor neglected topic (hello? T'Pol?) back on track, please. Any more off-topic squabbling, and I lock this puppy down or start handing out warnings. Or both. Then you'll all have to find someplace else to kick sand in each other's faces. Got it?

I liked the costumes. Crimony.
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