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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

I'm on a roll tonight. Here's another one.


I love that it started with Janeway fantasizing about eggs benedict and asparagus. Plus, we get to see Neelix cooking! He kind of reminds me of the crazy uncle that no one can possibly get mad at!

The whole episode was a little odd, but fun. We were introduced to a new culture, and learned about the capabilities of the ship’s doctor. (Is he ever going to give himself a name, or was the first episode just teasing us?) The title Phage was well-chosen considering it is a real virus that infects bacteria.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Hannibal Lector throughout the whole episode! Especially, when they find the underground cavern with the harvested organs! Apparently roofies are not needed in the future for black market organs… The musical score is quite fitting, especially when the crew was pursuing the Vidiian in the tunnels.

The holographic lungs discussion with the doctor was awesome. I love it that the doctor turned around and slapped Paris! Neelix is a peculiar fellow. He is told that he may not be able to move again, and his response is that the ceiling is hideous and a few tapestries would be nice. He then goes on a rant about Paris being one big walking hormone trying to move in on Kes. Kes assures him he is wrong, kisses him, and leaves when the doctor boots her out. The doctor than turned around and bent over to fix Neelix’s settings, while assuring him that he would not kiss him too! When Neelix started hyperventilating I kind of hoped the doctor would start singing, “You Are My Sunshine” to calm him down! I love how the Vidiians criticize the doctor for being so primitive; it was a good reinforcement to the doctor’s earlier conversation with Kes.

Favorite part: Kes slamming the doctor for not keeping up with the ship’s situation (the doctor having to act as the full-time doctor rather than emergency backup). She asks him if he has the capability of learning and insists that he begin to.

Least favorite part: Janeway decided to let the Vidiian leave. She should have sent them to the doctor to see if the doctor could do something for them, and hopefully get Neelix’s lungs back. Luckily, the Vidiian basically offered it themselves.
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