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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Time and Again

This episode had some great one-liners! Janeway and Paris are trapped in the fracture the day before the explosion occurs. My favorite part of this is when Paris was trying to get rid of the kid that was following them around and he told the kid that they were demons that ate the kid that supposedly came over with on the Continental Transport! Awesome, nothing better than a little cannibalism to scare a kid! Oh, how did they buy clothing on the planet if they didn’t have any money though?

Speaking of clothes, where did Kes get the awesome uniform? I thought the replicators were broken. I like it that Kes has telepathic capabilities. I like the role that telepaths can play; they can strengthen both dramatic and humorous roles (like Lwaxana Troi)!

I find myself looking forward to people getting sick because the doctor is hysterical. When Kes went to see him because of her headaches/visions he wasn’t concerned with Kes’ visions, but he did care that he did not have their medical files and that nobody told him that there were new members aboard who didn’t have up-to-date medical records. You have got to love this quote by the doctor: “Seems I have found myself on the voyage of the damned.” Best part, he said it with a smile

Wow, we actually see Janeway with her hair down. I like it. She seems friendlier, more human. Although, as a woman with long hair I call bull that she is able to keep her hair up as much as she does. Her hair is too thick and her neck would be killing her!

Tuvok played a larger role in this episode than previous ones. However, he made a very illogical conclusion. When they found the destroyed com badges he claimed that it meant that Paris’ and Janeway’s com badges were trapped in the fracture, but that did not mean that Paris and Janeway were…really? Is this optimism from a Vulcan

I like the storyline in Time and Again. I think it was a great way to introduce the topic of the Prime Directive. Thinking about it made me wonder how it wasn’t directly violated in the first episode when Janeway blew up the Array in order to save the Ocampa though.

Least favorite part: That Harry Kim actually thinks his girlfriend is going to wait for him

Favorite part: The doctor’s quote: “Seems I have found myself on the voyage of the damned.”
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