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Re: VOY Caption Contest 76; The Iron Lady, Captain Janeway!

Double posting since there are multiple threads running...

Thanks for the win!

You want me to put that where????

Janeway: They're still following us.
Chakotay: Just be cool, we'll lose them on the boardwalk and then...
Janeway: Then I get to take that feather and...
Cahkotay: Walk faster!

Janeway: Look at it this way... at least you don't have to worry about the beauticians giving you 9 different hairstyles in your first season!

Janeway: Just sign here... and then the fun will really begin!

Janeway: Seven... if I catch you looking at my gluteus maximus one more time...
Seven: Then I suggest you stop standing within my line of sight, Captain. I am only a deborgified human, afterall.

Janeway: EXCUSE me?
EMH:You didn't say "Bless me Father"first.
Janeway: That collar only works in Fairhaven, Doctor. I think its time to restrict your holodeck privileges.

Janeway: Trust me, Sweetheart, if she LIKED bald ... she'd be hanging out with our EMH a lot more than she does with me.

Janeway:Thank Gawd the EMH isn't here taking pictures of us wearing these stupid glasses.
Tuvok: Indeed.
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