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Let's take a look at the most common forms of dress for Vulcan female civilians, across the series:

So it's fairly firmly established that Vulcan women do not, in general, dress to advertise their sexuality. Why would they? Their culture disdains open expressions of sexuality and emotion, after all; they barely even talk about the pon farr in public.

Now, hell, you can have an individual Vulcan character who breaks the rules of their culture because that's the sort of person they are. But T'Pol isn't -- yes, she rebels against some rules, but even among Humans, she makes a strong (if not always successful) effort to control her emotions. She doesn't seek to make Human men desire her. So her ENT Seasons Three and Four costumes aren't consistent with her culture or with her individual characterizaton.

Then there's the Seasons One and Two catsuit, which was worn while T'Pol was supposed to be a serving officer with the Vulcan space service. It's ludicrous -- it defies Vulcan culture and her charaterization at that point in the series and stands in stark contrast to how other female officers of the Vulcan space service were costumed:

It didn't serve any purpose except to objectify the character for male titillation.


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So they just happened to have those outfits lying around, just in case someone wanted the fal tor pan????
Why not? Clothing from premodern eras are often preserved, particularly if they hold religious significance. And VOY's "Tuvix" already well established that Vulcans held onto religious ceremonial practices, even well after the rise of Surak's teachings.

Since Spock didn't change into a "Vulcan tux" ( or a dress uniform) we can assume that T'Pring is dressed in Vulcan casual.
I see no reason to make such an assumption, especially given T'Pau's highly formal dress.

No comment on the "executioner's" exposed flesh? Why would a Vulcan show off his chest like that?
Looks like a highly ceremonial form of dress to me -- likely held over from the pre-modern Vulcan era.

ETA 2:

Even a female Vulcan visiting Risa doesn't dress so provocatively:

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