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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

Just an update on things:

1) "Doctor's Orders" and "Delivery" were both reviewed this weekend by Randy Hall of fanfilmfollies. The reviews are quite nice.

2) "Miscommunication" is in the final stages of the VFX work. We hope to release this episode in May. Bill Walker and Chris Cameron are working on the VFX. I've done the edit. Steve Gallant will be doing the sound.

3) "The Engineer's New Clothes" is still receiving VFX work from Bill Walker and Chris Cameron and Bob Reed. The edit's been done. Steve Gallant will be doing the sound. We currently anticipate a June release.

4) "Archway" is receiving VFX work from Alex Patrick Merrill. Rick Foxx is doing the edit. We will be filming a pickup shot for this episode in the coming weeks. We hope to have a July release for this episode.

5) "Devil in the Details" has been finished, editing-wise, by the director, Mario Pagan. VFX have been assigned to Mark Brunner for this episode. We think that August is an optimistic release date.

6) "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky" needs a pickup shot. Rick Foxx is editing this full-length episode which was directed by Jeffrey Green. This will be an extensive VFX project, and we're going to call upon all our VFX artists to help complete it.

7) The second season premieres with "Duty Bound" which is still being edited. We have a pickup shot scheduled for the coming weeks. VFX work on it is TBA.

8) "Darkness" is almost complete, editing-wise. The VFX work is up next.

9) Filming is being scheduled for "Second Contact," which should take one day for the most part, and one evening for the epilogue.

10) June's shoot will be for "Score Card" (another vignette).

11) July's shoots will be for "Beach Towel" and "The Shovel of Kahless," a couplet of vignettes which tell one story.

12) August's shoot will be for "Malice" (another vignette).

That pretty much gets everything updated. We are accepting story ideas for submission for our third season (10 episodes planned). If you're interested, please contact us for a release which must be signed and returned to us PRIOR to your sending the story/script in for consideration.

Cast members continue to be in flux; if you'd like to come aboard, please let me know!
Project Potemkin
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