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Uh huh
I'm sorry, but that's not comparable, for a number of reasons:

1. It's at her wedding, and at Vulcan weddings, one or more parties are often affected by the pon farr. It makes perfect sense that Vulcan culture might allow for more sexualized clothing at a pon farr-induced wedding.

2. Yes, that's a dress, and it's a little bit tight. But it's not as ridiculously tight as T'Pol's Vulcan uniform in ENT Seasons One and Two, nor is it designed to draw a great deal of attention to her breasts and buttocks. Nor is it as ridiculously tight as the catsuit T'Pol wore supposedly of her own accord in ENT Seasons.

3. We've seen what Vulcans wear in most other contexts; they're usually robes or simple tunics. It's nothing like what T'Pol wore in ENT Seasons Three and Four, and it's also quite different from T'Pring's dress. Something akin to T'Pol's costume in "Home" is far more consistent with her character and culture than the blue and red catsuits.
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