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Re: Cast actors for AVENGERS II

Christopher wrote: View Post
Summer Glau doesn't kill shows any more than Ted McGinley did before her. Since most TV shows have short lives, and failed series outnumber successful ones, it's inevitable that plenty of actors appear in multiple failed series, sometimes several in a row. The fact that Summer Glau gets singled out merely shows how memorable a performer she is.
No, no, I'm going to continue to believe she is a TV show killer. It fits a point of view that I have grown attached to, and I won't let facts get in the way.

Set Harth wrote: View Post

She didn't kill it.

You can't kill a film. Maybe you could kill a film series. But the film is there. I can see the DVD from where I'm sitting. It's a done deal.
Well, it WAS a flop.... and didn't spawn a series... so....
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