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I don't know why people can't look past a cat suit and nice figure to the character. T'Pol and 7 were very well developed characters with great personality growth arcs that carried on over 4 seasons each. They were not static like a lot of characters in Trek tend to be. Yes they have large breasts.. because some women DO have large breasts and nice figures. Does this make them about nothing more than sex?
What bothers me is when the characters dress in a sexually provocative manner when it is inconsistent with the rest of their personality -- or, in the case of T'Pol's early catsuits, with the practices of her culture.

The idea that Seven would want to dress in a skintight catsuit that is literally designed to lift and separate each individual breast is just absurd. Seven is a character who hides feelings of sexuality because she considers them a form of emotional vulnerability; she wouldn't wear a slinky, cleavage-y dress to a fancy event, for instance, and she wouldn't plausibly wear a skintight catsuit.

Same thing with T'Pol, who would naturally consider all expressions of overt physical sexuality to be a form of emotional expression to be repressed. The Vulcan space service would not plausibly issue sexually provocative, skintight catsuits as its uniform design given their culture's hostility towards overt expressions of sexuality, and T'Pol herself would not want plausibly want to display her body like that in a professional setting after leaving the High Command.

That's what makes those costuming choices objectifying -- not that a character is wearing them, but that a character that would not plausibly dress in such a manner is wearing them. It alienates the character from her own body and sets up her body as being present for male sexual gratification, and so objectifies her. Notice that no one says boo about Troi or Kes wearing catsuits -- because those characters were sexually expressive and assertive, to differing degrees, and thus it wasn't inconsistent with their personalities.
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