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Re: Cabin in the Woods - Grading, Discussion, Spoilers

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Very clever, often funny. Never frightening, never unsettling. Sometimes gross. but the picture I saw was so dim it was hard to make out faces and tell exactly what grossness was happening, which considerably lowered the ick factor.

Essentially a horror movie about making horror movies, commenting on the audience (negatively,) and asserting that the Fool is really the smart guy; the Virgin is just who we have to work with; the world really will come to an end if we don't cathartize our negative emotions; fuck the world, I'm not going to sacrifice my life or my personal friend's life. The take away messages are why the movie doesn't really do anything emotionally I think. Even a horror movie should inspire some real feelings. Woman in Black could do it, but not this one.

Rated good for clever. But this much cleverness should have made an excellent movie, and it isn't.
Interesting interpretation. I also thought the film was too dim a lot of the time and it made the action hard to follow. I also thought it was a bit too clever for its own good.
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