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DTI: Forgotten History by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Luckily for Christopher L. Bennett's Forgotten History, it's as yet safe from becoming part of the latter: Once more, the customary one-week-and-one day* still separate us from the release of this Star Trek novel. And hopefully for us readers, and certainly if the highly positive reaction to its precursor Watching the Clock is any indication, it won't be so easy to forget anyway. In fact, as the author tells it, this one was originally expected to carry the TOS moniker; the success of Watching presumably influenced the publisher's decision to let it fly under the Department of Temporal Investigations banner as well, now the second novel to do so.

Here is the blurb from the Simon & Schuster website:

The agents of the Department of Temporal Investigations are assigned to look into an anomaly that has appeared deep in Federation territory. It’s difficult to get clear readings, but a mysterious inactive vessel lies at the heart of the anomaly, one outfitted with some sort of temporal drive disrupting space-time and subspace. To the agents’ shock, the ship bears a striking resemblance to a Constitution-class starship, and its warp signature matches that of the original Federation starship Enterprise NCC-1701—the ship of James T. Kirk, that infamous bogeyman of temporal investigators, whose record of violations is held up by DTI agents as a cautionary tale for Starfleet recklessness toward history. But the vessel’s hull markings identify it as Timeship Two, belonging to none other than the DTI itself. At first, Agents Lucsly and Dulmur assume the ship is from some other timeline . . . but its quantum signature confirms that it came from their own past, despite the fact that the DTI never possessed such a timeship. While the anomaly is closely monitored, Lucsly and Dulmur must search for answers in the history of Kirk’s Enterprise and its many encounters with time travel—a series of events with direct ties to the origins of the DTI itself. . . .
You can also read an excerpt here:

* = Ok, so only in Australia or something. But I might not have time tomorrow, and a little wibbly-wobbly timy-wimeyness fits the general theme, don't you agree?
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