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Re: Fan Film Writer's Primer

USS Intrepid wrote: View Post
I tend to agree with Middy. One of the things we tried to do with Intrepid was play with the format a bit. I'm not convinced we were terribly successful, but we did try and break from the norm. Ironically, I think we've been drifting back towards the status quo as time has moved on. Must try harder.
Haven't watched INTREPID in awhile, but I did appreciate that you guys were trying to stretch the format. Gotta say tho' the one thing I do like about INTREPID is the down-to-earth quality of the characters. They seem more like working officers, not a bunch of stuffy shirts who spout off the Prime Directive at the drop of a hat.

Psion wrote: View Post
Well, Middy, I'm convinced. Thanks for a really thought-provoking series of posts. Have some karma!


Oh. That's right, we don't have karma here. Here, have a couple of approving Bolians, instead.
Thanks, man! Hoping to crank out more of these types of posts. After all, I got my MFA in creative writing so I could teach and I am an editor/writer by profession. So I really enjoy writing these posts. My goal is to help fan film writers improve their scripts, their stories, like Maurice's in starting this thread.
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