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He's more of a guest contributor really.
I guess so, but they announced his involvement at the same time they announced that Jack Wall was leaving the series, so it seemed like Mansell was going to be the lead composer. But I suppose it makes sense that EA would hire him for one song so they could make a big deal about having a famous movie composer involved.

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Yeah, it really irritated me that Mansell only did two tracks, given how much they hyped his participation (Crysis 2 did a similar thing with Hans Zimmer). It's even worse than what Crysis 2 pulled because Mansell's tracks are pretty much the only ones that have any sort of staying power, although Das Malefitz is a pretty catchy track.
Personally, I agree with ATimson in that I preferred Hulick's work too. I was left a little iffy after the first mission, but it was the Mars mission that got me into the groove of playing a Mass Effect game once again and the music was a big part of that. I also love I Was Lost Without You and I'm Proud of You.
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