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Why does anyone buy dvd sets in the US?
I buy the DVDs for archival purposes, but there are so many options in the U.S., I could buy digital movies from and access them anywhere there's a computer with an internet connection, I can buy the DVD, the blu-ray, rent movies through Amazon, buy subscriptions to movies and TV shows through Netflix, walk down to the store and rent a new release DVD/Blu-ray/video game from Redbox for a night (and reserve it in advance if I like), and my town's out in the middle of nowhere, just think how easy it is in a large city!
Or, in Korea, I might want 'Monarch of the Glen' a BBC series which isn't available for sale here at this time. I can catch the last couple of seasons on BBC International, but region nonsense means I can't buy and play it here through legal means.
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