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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Yep. I not only still have all my old Transformers, Masters of the Universe, She-Ra Princess of Power, GI Joe, M.A.S.K., Super Powers, Jem and the Holograms stuff from when I was a kid but I have all the Playmates Star Trek figures as well as the DST Trek toys that they put out in the mid 00s.

And since 2008 I have been collecting Mattel's DC Universe Classics figures(which are approaching nearly 300 in just 4 years) and the updated Mattel MOTUC line from
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Best case scenario seems to be that any DCUC revival will be strictly Superman and Batman related stuff. They don't even consider characters like Green Lantern, The Flash, or Wonder Woman to be retail viable. Ridiculous.
I don't have a problem with them reinventing the line simply because I think they have gone as far afield as they can away from the A-list characters--Honestly they did a pretty good job turning out close to 300 characters and digging pretty deep into non mainstream fare like the Metal Men, Doom Patrol, Justice Society of America and characters like Killer Moth, OMAC etc.

I think shifting back to more of a Superman/Batman character focus will help reinvigorate the line allowing for fans and casual buyers alike to pick demanded comic accurate characters i.e. SP deco Batman, light blue Superman with Mytzplk pack in, Balent Catwoman, Garcia-Lopez inspired Supergirl, Battle Armor Lex, Atomic Skull, Conner Kent with Krypto pack in, Composite Superman, Scarecrow, classic Poison Ivy, the Clock King, Mad Hatter, Ventriloquist with Scarface, Metallo, Silver Age Bizarro, Firefly, Ras al Ghul, Green Lantern Batman, Zebra Batman, Earth-2 Superman for JSA fans, Earth-2 Wonder Woman, Alfred, Huntress etc

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